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Air Duct Cleaning Portland

A new day in clean.

Our R&D team introduced a new dust and debris removal system with a safer, and more productive clean. Allowing you to experience the a cleaner, healthier home.

Ask Away! Our duct cleaning specialists are ready to chat.
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The Freshen Up Air Duct Cleaning is made with integrity
by the same cleaning engineers behind the award-winning Healthy Home Air Duct Cleaning.

Quality Cleaning
We own the duct cleaning process, so we can guarantee all Benchmark Air Duct services meet our high standards for clean.

Happiness Guarantee
We’re confident you’ll love your clean, so if for any reason your not thrilled with the job, just let us know and we’ll rush back out and make it right.

Clean by Design.
Unlike traditional air duct cleaning, the BenchMark clean is designed to help you clean your entire home. Our Bioflow™ system is designed fully clean your air ducts. Similarly, cleaning out your HVAC system with Bioflow™ increases the clean air flow by up to 40%. Leaving you with healthier air, and a more efficient heating / cooling system.
BenchMark Air Duct Cleaning Reviews.
I love this clean
The scheduling was simple. At first the cleaning process seemed like it would be a little uncomfortable, but it went very smooth. The only downside is I only had them do half my ducts, and I should have had them do everthing. Thanks Guys!
Stephanie Hanson -verified
Orhards, WA Sept 16, 2017
Just Wonderful!
Wonderful clean. I tried this clean out about three months ago, now we are scheduling this for our daughter.
William Hull -verified
Lake Oswego, OR October 27, 2017
Just what we wanted
We bought a Healthy Home clean, all were scheduled speedy fast. I am blown away how responsive they were. I have had air duct cleaning, and this is by far the best. I feel I’ve found my company that makes sure I’m taken care of.
Jennifer Graham -verified
Portland, OR August 17, 2017

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